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Rubin Institute for Music Criticism's Public Review Prize—A Chance to Win $1,000

Jan. 10, 2012

Audience members may be considered for the $1,000 Public Review Prize during the Rubin Institute by writing a review of any one or more of the first three institute concerts. Members of the institute’s Teaching Panel will critique the reviews, and the winner of the Public Review Prize will be named at the institute's closing ceremony.

Submission guidelines Members of the public who attend one or more of the first three evening concerts (January 18, 19, and 20) may submit a 500-word review of each performance they attend by 9 am the following day. • Reviews will be submitted via e-mail to rubin.institute@oberlin.edu. • Only one review per person per concert may be submitted. • The review should be written from the perspective of an informed listener, but with a general audience in mind. Opinions should be supported with examples while avoiding technical musical terms. Reviews will be judged on critical acumen, fluency of writing, and clarity of thought. For more information on the Rubin Institute and the Public Review Prize, visit the institute's website. Send questions regarding the Public Review Prize in an e-mail message to rubin.institute@oberlin.edu.