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Be a Compost Captain. Help the Campuswide Compost System Get Up and Running

Sept. 12, 2011

Tired of seeing your food waste go to waste?! Now you don’t have to be!

This fall, the Resource Conservation Team (RCT) is piloting a campus-wide compost system that gives you the opportunity to compost wherever you live on-campus. Here’s how it’ll work:

The RCT will select 15 to 20 Compost Captains to facilitate compost programs in their halls or houses. Captains will place compost bins in a designated area where residents can deposit their waste. Every Sunday, captains will put their bins outside their building to be picked up by the RCT compost truck. One of the captains will join the RCT on a quick run to bring compost bins from all across campus to the Johnson House Garden, where they will be emptied and cleaned.

This system is entirely student run, so we need your help! All programs require a captain and enthusiastic composters. Please fill out the Composting Survey to let us know you want your dorm or house to compost. If you are interested in being a Compost Captain, please fill out the application and e-mail it to us at recycle@oberlin.edu by Wednesday, September 14!

-The RCT

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