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Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish Speaking Presenters Wanted

March 22, 2011

Middlebury Interactive Languages will offer a total language immersion program for rising eighth graders through college freshmen on the Oberlin College campus this summer from June 26-July 23, 2011. Oberlin will be one of eight sites across the country to host the Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy (MMLA).

MMLA will offer a language immersion academy for French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic at the Oberlin location. In addition to learning the language, students will have opportunities to experience the culture of the target language through local field trips and resources. MMLA is looking for individuals who have something to share with students (cultural or enrichment in nature) that would be of interest and could be offered in one of the target languages.

Ideally, a presentation would be no longer than one hour with interactive or hands-on involvement.

In addition to presentations, MMLA is seeking individuals or groups that sing, dance or have other talents they might want to share that represent the culture from one of the four academies, performed in the target language. Performances can range from 1 to 2 hours.

A modest stipend would be available, if needed. Please contact Melony Barney at mbarney@middleburyinteractive.com or 802-443-7928 for more details.