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Balawan: Jazz Harmonies, Rock Rhythms, Balinese Sensibilities

March 15, 2011

Indonesian master guitarist Balawan is famous for playing two guitars at once, or two necks of a 12-string guitar at once by using all of his fingers over two fingerboards--not to mention, he's well adept at the touch tapping style of guitar play and one of the fastest guitarists in Indonesia.

On his first US tour, Balawan will make a stop in Oberlin with two members of the Batuan Ethnic Fusion band and play with two Oberlin local jazz musicians Will Mason and Matt Adomeit. This combination of jazz standards and eclectic hybrid originals will fuse traditional Indonesian gamelan, metal, and jazz into a synthesis--and the new sound Balawan has become famous for pioneering.

Balawan used this new sound to found the Batuan Ethnic Fusion band with which he has toured throughout Indonesia and most of the world. Their 2008 release, See You Soon won an award as Best Instrumental Jazz Album in Indonesia.

Come hear--and see--what all the hubbub is about!